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Season finale of season 2 of FEED... 
01:10pm 24/07/2009
  There is a sizzling hot lesbian sex scene...no nudity but not for young viewers nor is it  SFW.


Catch up on the episodes you missed (featuring Erin Kelly and Guinevere Turner on afterellen as well or at www.feedseries.tv)

FEED episode 10 "The Family Problem"....violent and intense subject matter 
12:17pm 08/11/2008
  This episode of FEED picks up with Maura (Amanda Deibert) stuck under the table inside the restaurant witnessing the attack on Tara (Erin Kelly) with her camera, and Mike (Daniel Miller) trying to figure out what to do.

Again...violent and intense subject matter.

As always, we'd love to hear your feedback on www.feedseries.tv or if you are an AFTER ELLEN member at http://www.afterellen.com/blog/trishbendix/video-feed-10

Any Erin Kelly fans? 
03:26pm 24/10/2008
mood: aggravated
FEED episode 9--Surveillance

Warning...this one is a bit intense and graphic in nature...

And for those ERIN KELLY fans out there, this is her entrance into the series...

as always I would be so grateful for you to leave any feedback good or bad at:



01:28pm 10/10/2008
mood: busy
There is language in this episode so be aware it is not particularly safe for all environments...but no sex this go round. ;)

As always, you can view previous episodes at www.feedseries.tv or on After Ellen at http://www.afterellen.com/taxonomy/term/3971

and if you are an After Ellen member I would love, love it if you left feedback for the series on the website. Thank you much!!

Love to you all.
feed 7 
11:29am 26/09/2008

and things get messy....

as always anyone who is a member of After Ellen, I would love your feedback at http://www.afterellen.com/taxonomy/term/3971

(and if you are a lesbian or bisexual you should join because it's an amazing community and free and private)

and if not, please visit the FEED website and leave feedback at www.feedseries.tv

It means a lot to us personally as this is our baby and we have blood, sweat and tears involved...and as we are trying to pitch it as a feature film right now all the feedback we can get is super, super helpful for potential deals. So help a sister out?!! Thank you. I love you. And at any rate please enjoy. ;)
new FEED episode...scorps will appreciate it ;) 
10:43am 12/09/2008
mood: geeky
So, it's time for me to show you another webisode. And this week we are heating things up. (this episode makes me HELLA nervous for obvious reasons...ha ha)

And thank you, thank you for those of you who went and commented on afterellen. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it!!! Please feel free (and I'll keep loving you for it) to comment on this week's episode at www.afterellen.com/taxonomy/term/3971

Also that link will give you the episode "bad language" free.

Here is the episode: it has language and sexual situations so it's not super work safe FYI.

What do you think?

And as always you can see previous episode on afterellen.com or you can see them unedited at: www.feedseries.tv
new episode 
10:09am 30/08/2008
mood: mischievous
So I posted in here a couple weeks ago about my webseries...and I've had good feedback so I wanted to share the newest episode...and let you know that there may be flirting girls and whiskey in it...maybe. Again, this has lots and lots of LANGUAGE. So if you want to see the bleeped out version simply go to: www.afterellen.com/blog/trishbendix/video-feed-5  and there is a totally PG version there.

And if you are a member of afterellen I would really appreciate it if you would comment on the site. Like love you forever.

And for more information, and all the previous episodes you can either go to the link above or to www.feedseries.tv

I'm queer...I'm a scorpio...I'm in a lesbian webseries...holla!! 
11:12pm 06/07/2008
mood: mellow
if you like The L word or Girltrash then you may want to check this out

the first episode is up at www.feedseries.tv

and here is the trailer:

10:54pm 06/07/2008
  I've dated so many signs and it didn't work out...i'm running out of them.  
hey there 
12:46am 24/06/2007
I'm new to the community...
and I hope its not COMPLETLY dead.
I'm a scorpio. I was born on november 20th.
I have almost every scorpio trait.
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11:12am 20/06/2007

Hello everyone!!!! Do you hear me?)

Were are all these sexual and extraordinary scorpions?

My name is Katya. I live in Moscow (Russia). And I want to know something especial about you))

07:28pm 29/05/2007
  wow...no one has posted on here in a looong time...

anyone actually still read this thing, or is it just me?
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05:29pm 24/12/2006
mood: cheerful

I'm a scorpio too! ^.^ I was born on november 17th! nice to meet you all!!
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10:00am 21/09/2006
  Scorpio (10/23-11/21)

Once all your time issues are settled, your vision will become much more vivid.
12:33am 11/06/2006
  Hey, I'm new. My name's Andrew. I was born shortly after midnight on October 23rd, so I'm right on the cusp there. I just recently got into astrology, so it's cool to be checking this place out.  
09:06am 26/05/2006
  Greetings from Pasadena, California!

Just wanted to say hi... my birthday is November 21st, so I'm on the cusp.
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12:00am 13/05/2006

Just wanted to say hi... my birthday is October 24, so I'm on the cusp.
This was from my personal journal and I thought I should share it... 
03:54pm 07/12/2005

It's been almost a year since Heroine Films started and a lot has happened. I've been posting updates in communities from time to time, but today as I was sitting here thinking about everything I realized it says something about my, our, generation. Everyone always says that we can't get behind a cause...that we are too coddled and too lazy to do anything. But I've seen something completely different.

Not all of you know the whole story, so here it is in nutshell form:

Heroine Films is a production company started by three women. Mel wrote a script which won the New York International Film and Video Festival, at the time it was called "Heroine". In it's most recent form it is "The Gladdest Thing". Before there was ever such a thing as this production company we were supposed to make this film. We had a cast, a crew and most of our financing. Then we held a reading and to make a long, painful story short some influential people found out that the main character is a lesbian. We are in North Carolina. Our financial backers gave into pressure and pulled out. So we lost everything.
    A year later, Alex, Mel and I were sitting around trying to figure out what to do. How could we get enough to make it? That's when the idea of grassroots struck. There are people who believe in women making art, there are people who believe that a lesbian voice should be heard. There are people who believe in the passion of doing what you believe in at any cost any way possible. So we started a website, made some t-shirts and undies and hit the blogging communities. And we were STUNNED. In the first week we had so many hits we had to get a bigger website to keep from shutting down. We got donations and letters from all over the world. Including sweet high school girls giving what they could from after school jobs and heartbreaking letters from parents of LGBTQ kids who had been put through hell. These people want to do something...want to change something. Some of you who are on my friend's list now I met b/c you were one of the many who touched our hearts and made us cry with your support. It's been beyond incredible. We even had a lesbian screenprinter donate her services to us. And we quickly made a trailer to help attract investors and show the people supporting us what this could be like. An example--if this is what we can do on borrowed equipment with no crew and almost no money imagine what we can do when we are able to make the film.  
    Now we have been lucky enough to get a great deal of the funding from a combination of donations and a production company that has put up a large portion. Not all of it yet, but enough that we are confident that finding the rest is more than possible. We have an article coming out in CURVE magazine next week and we are in talks with LOGO about a marketing strategy on their new network. We aren't where we need to be yet but we are so much farther than we thought we'd be when we lost it all...and our hearts and spirits couldn't be higher. My life will never be the same because I now know that people believe in what I'm doing and want to hear the story we are trying to give a voice. I have even more passion because I know I am not just doing it for me...as cheesy as it sounds...I'm doing it for young girls and young LGBTQ people everywhere...to show that you CANNOT silence us.


11:57am 23/11/2005

Hey what's up, I'm Pamee V;;. I just moved back to Arizona from Newport, Oregon. I miss it terribly. I have a girlfriend, her name is Marley. My gauges are zero and I love music? Kay fools. Pictures.lj cut text yoCollapse )

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02:11am 21/11/2005
  Let me give a big "Hayyyyyy" to all those others born on November 21st, and wish you all a Happy Birthday. I know mine is gonna be bomb as hell lol, I hope you guys have been experiencing the luck I've been having all week.

Scorpios are, hands down, the best.